Happy Valentine's Day!

My son and I made some cute little butterfly valentine's for his preschool class and he said "can we put it on the blog?!"  Seriously!  5 years old and he wants to blog...

He helped with pretty much every step of this little project.  From hitting the cut button on the cricut for the butterfly shapes to all the stamping.  I just kept switching out the butterfly's to make sure everyone got a few stamps on it.  We found the "crayon" bubbles for the bodies in the party section at Walmart and I did glue those on for him. I had asked him to print his name but he gave me the look of "Mom, that's way too much work!" so I got to use the pen!

Initially I had thought we might add some glitter or glue on some shapes but he informed me they were finished after the stamping... 

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. what darling valentines! And I love that he helped! He did a great job stamping and cutting :) Thanks for sharing... my kids love being featured on my blog :) Kathi


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