Fabulous Birthday Fun!

It was my son's 5th Birthday yesterday and I spent the last week or so making "Angry Birds" (to be said in a loud booming voice!)  I have to thank Pinterest for making it so easy to find a ton of ideas and the links to Free Angry Birds printables online! which cut out the need to create everything from scratch!

Using the free clip-art I was able to theme up my invitations, banners, balloons, games and take home treats!

 A few pictures from the Angry Birds extravaganza...

"Who's Your Valentine"in disguise! So super cute and we even had some golden eggs in there...

Pin the Tail on the Red Bird!
Piggy Bowling!

Cutest Green Piggy Ever!

I think everything turned out really well and I am happy to say our son was feeling the Angry Bird love! We decorated the house before we went to bed and my favorite moment was first thing yesterday morning when our son got up and I counted down to my husband 3, 2, 1... and we heard our favorite little voice whisper "wow, angry birds". 

Yesterday was a great day and we were so blessed to have a house full of family and friends to celebrate with us! I did learn a few things...a) that we could fit that many people into our current abode and b) that several small children stomping on bubble wrap could be that LOUD!

And last but not least A very special Thank You to my Mom who made the coolest Angry Bird cupcakes!


  1. all your decorations , take home treats, cupcakes ect ect ect look so nice !!!! i'm sure a very good time was had by all who were there, I had a splitting headache yesterday and just couldn't face a noisy , fun filled party . It's hard to believe he's 5 already ......how time flies :) ....Margo xo

  2. Wow! I think you scored some pretty big points that day! Happy Birthday!

  3. What a great birthday for him to remember... love all your pics! You have a great cast too! Thanks for sharing you and your mom's creativity! You guys ROCK! lol Kathi

  4. These are all so darling. I love creating things for a theme. I'm loving your blog...I'm a new follower :) You can visit me at www.JaymaMalme.com.


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